Intercollegiate National Team from Canadian Schools

SinC Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association National Team

April 5, 2023

Last year’s intercollegiate championship sailed in BC aboard J22s / Photos: Nicole East

The Canadian Collegiate National Team is a group of eight university students from across Canada all working together towards the 2024 FISU Worlds in Garda Italy. The team was formed by CICSA (Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association), our governing body for all Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing. All of the people on the team are members of their respective school teams and had only ever raced against each other before joining the team. 

FISU (International University Sports Federation) hosts a sailing world championship every 2 years but it has not been hosted since before COVID, all in Keelboats. At FISU the style of racing we will compete in is match racing and it is run in the J70 and we will send 2 teams of 4 (2 boys and 2 girls as per the rules for equity).

SinC Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association National Team 2 400The U of Toronto entry

Our team structure as it currently stands is having a Team Canada East and West team as to maximize training outside of the Canadian college circuit. The team has a number of events and training blocks including their first event competing together at the EDHEC Sailing Cup in Brest France from April 15th-23rd in the J80. As well over the next few months, we will be training out of a number of different places including the Oakcliff Sailing Center and RCYC. 

Over Easter Weekend, Canadian collegiate teams will square off in Kingston, ON to establish national rankings.

–  Rosie Sbrolla


Queen’s is the defending champion and several Gaels are on the National Team

SinC Canadian Intercollegiate Sailing Association National Team 3 400












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