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SinC International Results Allan Clark

March 1, 2023

North Vancouver’s Allan Clark topped Grand Master Fleet

ILCA 6 World Championships: 

Congratulations to ?? Allan Clark, 2023 ILCA 6 Masters World Champion in the Grand Master Fleet. The competition, which ended February 19, was held in Pattaya, Thailand.  

Canadian results

Apprentice Fleet (/9)

4. Isaac Bussin

Master Fleet (/14)

13. Ryan Bennett

Grand Master Fleet (/42)

1. Allan Clark

35. John Kortbeek

Great Grand Master Fleet (/32)

16. Keith Kennedy


SinC International Results ILCA Portugal 400Portugal Grand Prix: 

Sarah Douglas took the 5th spot in ILCA 6.

At the 5th Portugal Grand Prix – Round 2, held in Vilamoura, Portugal, February 12-16, Sarah Douglas from Toronto was the only Canadian in ILCA 6 and took the 5th spot overall.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics bronze medalist Marit Bouwmeester from the Netherlands won the gold medal, followd by Pernelle Michon from France, Agata Barwinska from Poland, and Tokyo 2020 and 2022 ILCA 6 World Championship gold medalist Anne-Marie Rindom from Denmark.

In ILCA 7, the only Canadian in action was Ben Flower who took the 16th spot on 51 sailors.

Next major competition in ILCA 6 and 7 will be the ILCA Senior European Championships, March 12-17, in Andora, Italy.

SinC International Results CanAm 3 Series 400CanAm 3 series: 

Four Canadians took part in the third event of the 2.4mR CanAm held in Clearwater, FL, Feb 17-19. Bruce Millar (RVicYC) and Allan Leibel (National YC) were the best Canadians by finishing respectively second and third. 

Canadian results

2. Bruce Millar (RVicYC)

3. Allan Leibel (National YC)

9. Alain Dubuc (National YC)

12. Audrey Kobayashi (Kingston YC)


ILCA Midwinters:

33 Canadian sailors took part in the 2023 ILCA MidWinters East Championship held in Clearwater, FL, last week. Andre Deseau (WVYC) was the best Canadian in ILCA 4 with a 5th position, Sullivan Nakatsu (RNSYS) in ILCA 6 who was 8th, and Kelley Poole (RVicYC) in ILCA 7 with a 6th place-finish.  

Canadian results

ILCA 4 (/46)

5. Andre Deseau (WVYC)

12. Gustave Deseau (WVYC)

15. Theo Chapman (WVYC/RVicYC)

25. Baruch Saffer (RNSYS/RCYC)

38. August Wishloff (WVYC)

40. Maya Wolf (WVYC)

43. Emilia Armitage (WVYC)

44. Mattea Nakatsu (BBYC)

ILCA 6 (/104)

8. Sullivan Nakatsu (RNSYS)

17. Victoria Coady (RVYC)

19. Chris Mouland (OST)

21. Hunter Parks (FBYC/ABYC/OST)

23. Jacob Townsend (HYC/CVDM)

24. Lindsay Davies (OST/RCYC)

26. Carlos Charabati (Pointe Claire Yacht Club)

30. Reilly Nakatsu (RNSYS)

37. Bryce Stanger (WVYC)

40. Lilly Rainham (RNSYS)

42. Annalise Balasubramanian (RCYC)

45. Enzo Biello (PCYC)

50. Connor Rodness (OST/RCYC)

57. Loa Dinel (BLBC)

62. Steve Ren (ABYC)

65. Ryan Champoux (WVYC)

77. Katie Brickell (OST)

83. Mason Renaud (WVYC)

90. Sam Niazi (PCYC/HYC)

98. Anneka Siegel (AYC)

ILCA 7 (/25) 

6. Kelley Poole (RVicYC)

7. Daniel Connors (RNSYS)

12. Finn O’Sullivan (RCYC)

14. Mats Braaten (OST/RCYC)

19. Kofi Dinel 


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