Manson Supreme Anchor Holds Roberts 44 Through Hurricane Sally

Guyhall Roberts 44

Nov 19, 2020

Guy Hall’s Roberts DS440 remains seaworthy after his Manson Anchor withstood the ravages of Category 2 Hurricane Sally in September.

PENSACOLA. FLORIDA (USA) – The owner of a Roberts DS440 credits his Manson Supreme Anchor with keeping his steel sailboat seaworthy when Category 2 Hurricane Sally struck the Florida panhandle on September 16.

Sally was the 18th named storm and 7th hurricane of the extremely active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. It came ashore packing maximum sustained winds of 105 mph (165 km/h), causing widespread wind damage, storm surge flooding and over 20 inches (510 mm) of rainfall.

Roberts owner Guy Hall carefully moored his boat in Pensacola at Palafox Marina and considered his next move. Hurricane Sally was currently only moving at about 2 to 3 mph, but this was a huge worry. It is the slow-moving storms that often cause the most damage.

Searay Sally“We waited patiently on a floating dock slip at Palafox Marina. At about 0830 on Wednesday morning, the 100+mph winds began to rage and broke all the docks free. I could see that we would end up in a big pile of rubble at the north end of the marina if I didn’t do something and something fast. I quickly dropped my 80lb Manson Supreme anchor and 100′ of chain and it bit. I breathed a sigh of somewhat relief, but thought to myself, will it hold?,” Hall recalls.

Unbelievably, not only did Guy manage to hold four boats, but also a large section of the dock for several hours as Sally violently howled around them. “We held a few boats for a while, all lodged against each other trying to hold their own, but they sadly all eventually broke away except for a 42 foot Sea Ray. (shown right) The Sea Ray was determined to hold but after trying to climb our bow we watched it slowly sink right next to us,” he said.

When the winds died, Guy Hall surveyed the damage. While his boat sustained some minor scratches and damages, it was seaworthy. “There was an incredible amount of force at work but the 80lb Manson Supreme held. I was very impressed and grateful. We had bent shackles and bent rollers, but the anchor was in perfect condition, despite it taking divers three hours to retrieve it,” he said.
Approved by Lloyd’s Register to SHHP (Super High Holding Power), the innovative weight distribution and design of the Manson Supreme ensures it sets on the first attempt every time.

For more information about the Manson Supreme and other NZ-built Manson anchors, visit .


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