Magnetic Compasses Are More Than a Failsafe

SinC Ritchie Navigation Magnetic Compass

October 5, 2022

Far from being a failsafe to onboard electronic navigation equipment, Ritchie Navigation SuperSport magnetic compasses still function if the power fails. Plus, they do something a GPS can’t: display a heading when stopped or moving at very slow speeds. Tested and proven in grueling offshore racing conditions, the Navigator 2000 and Helmsman 1002 are ideal for use on commercial and recreational boats.

Made in the USA, SuperSport compasses feature Ritchie’s PowerDamp technology to prevent oscillation and card spinning in heavy seas. Dials are set upon hardened steel gimbals with sapphire jewel bearings. DirectiveForce™ magnets provide a quick lock-on and a steady heading display.

SuperSport dials are high-visibility blue with bright white numbers and five-degree marks. The Navigator has a 4-1/2″ face; the Helmsman, 3-3/4″. Yellow 90° and white 45° lubber lines make staying on course easy. A built-in movable sun shield offers shade while integrated 12V green LED lighting provides readability in dim and dark conditions.

For over 160 years, Ritchie Navigation has guided generations of professional and military mariners and recreational boaters across virtually every navigable waterway across the globe. The company manufactures a wide range of dash-, bulkhead-, bracket-, binnacle- and surface-mounted magnetic compasses, and related navigation accessories.

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