Gori Propeller Expands its 3-Blade Range

SinC Gori Propeller 3 Blade

Mar 16, 2022

Gori Propeller A/S is expanding its line of 3-blade folding propellers to include a model specifically for saildrive units.

“Customers are seeking greater efficiencies,” says Lars Østergaard, senior vice president sales. “We have seen an increase in the use of saildrive units (over the traditional shaft drive) being installed and we have developed a propeller to meet this growing demand.”

The new propeller has been introduced to suit the ZF SD15 saildrive.

The propeller sizes go from 22″ to 26” diameter and are available in both the standard version with overdrive (two pitches in forward), and the single pitch version.

The first installations have already taken place, and the new full carbon performance catamaran, the Gunboat 80, will have 110 hp Yanmar engines with saildrive and two 3-blade 24” Gori Propellers.

Gori Propeller A/S says it is the preferred folding propeller for Nautor Swan, Baltic Yachts, Hallbeg Rassy & Dehler Yachts among others. The extreme Ultime multi hulls, like the new Lazartigue, Groupama III, Baron de Rothchild, Idec Sport and Sodebo 3 all have Gori propellers, as do all new IMOCA 60s in build for the upcoming around the world races.

According to the company, the GORI 3-blade has less drag than all other 2 and 3-blade folding and feathering propellers. The GORI 3-blade is the only propeller with the unique two (2) forward pitches (Overdrive) and full 100% reverse; it is also available as Single Pitch (SP) with full 100% reverse thrust but no Overdrive 2nd pitch.

Most cat owners motorsail with one engine in Overdrive and the other shut down, giving them full boat speed, less noise & vibration, extended cruising range & a 22-30% fuel saving.

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