Pro tune-up tips for your best Race Week ever

Andreas Josenhans 2012 by Katie Nicoll


July 26, 2018

photo credit: Katie Nicoll

Andreas Josenhans and Principal/One Design Race Officer, Brian Todd have curated three timed checklists to help put boats, skippers and crews in winning form. There is lots of good advice here which applies to any major regatta. Note: * indicates details available at

5-6 weeks out

• Commit now: Register now so you and your crew can focus on effective preparations*
• Valid handicap: PHRF racers confirm you have a valid PHRF handicap from your local governing body
• Vacation time: Get sufficient vacation time from your boss (at least August 14-18)
• Accommodation: Secure accommodation in the Chester/South Shore area*
• Confirm crew: Recruit and confirm crew and alternates for boat tuning, delivery and regatta
• Crew comms: Set up a crew group-text to stay coordinated and on time, all the time
• Inspect sails: Have a sail loft inspect/repair your sails
• Wash spinnakers: Fresh water wash and dry all spinnakers
• Inspect halyards: Inspect all halyards and, if necessary, make repairs
• Safety tune the rig: Record all turnbuckle settings with caliper measurements
• Know the rig’s performance tunings: Most modern rigs have specific settings for optimal performance at each wind speed, so learn yours and record the caliper settings for quick and accurate pre-race turnbuckle adjustments as conditions change

Chester Race Week On The Water photo credit: Tim Wilkes

2-3 weeks out

• Avoid late fee: Register by August 6 to avoid a $100 late fee
• Launch & haul: Organize launch and haul if you are trailering to Chester*
• Mooring: Secure a mooring in Chester*
• Update charts: Update your chart plotter software and/or paper charts
• Locate marks: Locate all relevant navigational marks physically, enter marks in chart plotter
• Repair kit: Stock emergency repair supplies appropriate to your boat and its condition
• Practice: Practice boat handling a few evenings before you leave for Chester
• Safety equipment: Make sure your boat and crew are equipped and ready comply with relevant federal or class safety equipment requirements – get it all onboard
• Crew uniform: Consider ordering team shirts, hats or other identifying uniform

Chester Race Week On The Water photo credit: Tim Wilkes

1 week out

• Late registration: Register until 1600 hours on August 14, pay $100 late fee after August 6
• Lose weight: Remove all unnecessary stuff to lighten the boat – be ruthless but safe
• Warm up locally: Warm up with Chester Yacht Club’s Outer Islands Race, August 12
• Practice locally: Practice boat handling and boat speed work off Chester
• Shuttle driver: Identify a dedicated driver if commuting from Halifax
• Clean your bottom: Clean the bottom of your boat to go faster
• Follow a daily regimen: pre-race crew meeting, post-race debriefing, crews attend 9 am “The Morning After” coaching sessions
• Mid-regatta bottom wash: Bring your diving/bottom wash gear for the Thursday mid-regatta (at least) hull wash to stay as fast as possible
• Build playlists: Refresh your music selection for the boat’s music system
• Learn from Andreas, others: Come to Andreas Josenhans’ famous’ “The Morning After” coaching seminars August 16-18, 09:00-09:45*

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