SailTimer Testing a New Ordering Method for 2023

SinC SailTimer Testing Instrument

August 17, 2022

Long-time customers of the SailTimer Wind Instrument, the Halifax-based manufacturer, will know that the company is often sold out of new inventory in the spring. For 2023, the company is going to do an experiment, which gives customers a reduced price and helps to ensure sufficient inventory.

There are two choices: (1) you can still get next-day shipping HERE at the normal price that converts currently to CDN $606. Or (2) pre-order the Wind Instrument RB now for 2023 at the lowest price: CDN $451.14.

“We begin our next manufacturing run in a few weeks. This is only available for a limited time, so order soon to get this amazing price,” explains the company.

“We expect that this inventory will be available in March, and will provide updates during manufacturing once the exact shipping date is known. This way you can be assured of being at the front of the line, with a great price.”

 SinC SailTimer MID Wifi 400Features

  • Wireless and solar-powered. Can run day and night indefinitely.
  • For boats of all sizes (no 12-volt battery required).
  • Designed for sailboats: the only masthead wind sensor that remains equally accurate when the boat heels. The patented wind cups turn into propeller blades when heeling over.
  • Works with lots of apps. With app updates and new features, the Wind Instrument gets better over time.
  • NMEA 2000 and 0183 wiring: the 4th-generation Air Link™ has been redesigned to get the price under $75. It can receive the Bluetooth transmissions from the Wind Instrument, can transmit on wifi to your tablet and has NMEA wiring connectors for your GPS chartplotter. We expect to announce availability in about 6 weeks; add your name to the notification list.
  • Carbon-fiber pointer to reduce weight, with removable battery in nose cone as the counterbalance.
  • For off-season storage, simply unplug the lithium battery.
  • Transmission range of 280 feet (85m) for even the tallest masts.
  • Built-in digital compass, so no calibration required when mounting. That also means it is the first masthead anemometer that works with rotating masts.
  • Because it is wireless, this is the first wind sensor you can raise on a halyard until permanent installation, without lowering or climbing the mast.
  • Positive reviews from actual customers worldwide.

Pre-order now for 2023 to get CDN $150 off:

SinC SailTimer Blades 400













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