Zhik’s High Flex Superthin Booties for Sailing

SinC Zhik Superthin Booties

July 19, 2023

The all new Superthin Bootie is designed to give you full feel and agility around your boat or on your board. Made with a durable, high-gauge knit upper and an ultra-thin, super flexible, robust rubber sole, the Bootie is designed to enhance bare-foot sensation, with added grip and foot protection.

The advanced knitted upper is four times more durable than traditional neoprene booties and combines three knit variations that provide foot support, stretch and quick drainage. A lightweight and soft EVA removable innersole adds foot comfort and stability inside the Bootie.

With a formed, streamlined design and fit, the Booties will slip on easily, with elasticated panels keeping them secure.

The flexible rubber sole tred is profiled to enhance your grip and balance during high speed manoeuvres or when trapezing from the side of a boat. Integrated drainage points are positioned in the foot arch to quickly expel any water, keeping the boots lightweight.

Available in sizes 5 to 13

CAN $139.95


SinC Zhik Superthin Booties Flexible 400













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