Dave’s 2024 Webinars

Jan 31, 2024

Here are dates and topics for three new webinar series I’ll be running this winter and spring.

As you can see below, these webinars will cover a wide range of critical and useful topics. In ‘Lessons From Above’ we’ll analyze a bunch of aerial videos taken by drones to see what worked (and didn’t work!) for a variety of boat types and racing situations. ‘Clashing Priorities’ will be an in-depth comparison and explanation of what your racing priorities should be across four key dimensions of sailboat racing. And ‘Top 50 Tips’ will include all my favourite (and most valuable) nuggets of advice for sailing fast and smart around the race course this year. 

Each four-part webinar is designed to give sailors specific strategies, techniques, and tactics to help prepare for the upcoming season. The price for each series is still just $55, which includes: a) four live webinars; b) pre-read materials sent before each session; c) unlimited access to replays of all sessions; and d) a link to a Google doc that will have all the webinar Q&As.

To get more details about each series (or to register), click HERE.

Note: Register for any series at least three weeks in advance and save $5.

Thanks, hope to ‘see’ you soon . . .

Dave Dellenbaugh, Speed & Smarts Webinars

PS. We also offer group discounts for fleets and clubs – email us for more info.

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