Race to Kingston Returns Aug 12

SinC Race to Kingston 2023

March 15, 2023

Last year Kingston Yacht Club and Mimico Cruising Club joined forces to co-host a new destination distance race, Race to Kingston. The response was excellent, and 37 boats took part.

The new adventure will kick off on August 12, 2023, at Mimico Cruising Club. This year, 38 boats are already registered and 60 are anticipated.

The concept of the race initially grew from GTA sailors looking to take boats to the Thousand Islands and has evolved into experience participants enjoy on its own. This year clubs from the south shore of Lake Ontario will also be invited to participate.


Below: Team O2 – #1 is the skipper: Zoltan Horcsok. #2 is Al Strathdee. #3 is Steve Giustizia and #4 is Peter Koszo. These guys used to do the Youngstown Regatta together back in the day. The reason for the #’s is so they could identify each other from the bow to the stern… and in the bars around Kingston after the race. Easier than trying to remember names and calling names out. The Team races a Delphia and came in first for Flying Sails Split 3.

SinC Race to Kingston 2023 2 400












Below Left: The race committee, from left to right is: John O’Dwyer, Marlyne Parker, Donna Scott, Cathy Malon, Joe Malon and Wayne Parker seen here at the windless start.

Below Right: The pre-start banquet.

SinC Race to Kingston 2023 3 400SinC Race to Kingston 2023 4 400

Below: Team Blast – Chris Bobyk sharing the honour with wife Pauline in this shot, races a Beneteau First 10R and came in first for Flying Sails Split 2 last year.

SinC Race to Kingston 2023 5 400












MCC’s Chris Bobyk shares some thoughts on distance racing:

What’s the APPEAL OF DISTANCE RACING anyway?!! And why is this race such an attraction, especially this particular race? The race kick off big tent event? MCC’s great location and facilities? The race organization, the volunteer efforts, the Awards and the repurposed vintage trophies? Or is it about the destination of Kingston and the welcome received there with our KYC race partners and the City of Kingston or is it the camaraderie?

As not only a supporter and organizer but as a competitor in the New Race to Kingston, I can tell you it’s all of the above and more! It’s the overall experience.

SinC Race to Kingston 2023 6 400There’s something special about distance racing, it has an allure that brings many back time and time again, so let me explain why this distance race should be next on your list of adventures. I say this because the vast majority that complete their first distance race return year after year – it becomes the lure of the experience, as every distance race you complete is not only an adventure, no two races are the same in either the experience or obstacles and challenges or success encountered. It’s a lot about the camaraderie shared while working with others towards a common goal, the team experience and how collectively challenges are overcome. Just completing a distance race can be a significant accomplishment a podium finish position is the added opportunity to celebrate. Is it skill building? Is it putting you outside your comfort zone? Is it rewarding? The answer is YES, YES, YES.

Every time I start a distance or offshore race, I am reinvigorated as there is no place like offshore on a sailboat, being immersed in the elements, the character and skill building situations you find yourself in and those lifelong memories created with your crew- distance racing provides all of these.

I have experienced distance races with some that were textbook others more precarious as to challenges that needed to be overcome. All of them have been very rewarding personally and the experience one to recount and build upon for your next adventure.

Please visit yachtscoring.com Race to Kingston for details.

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