Join LOWISA 58 Race Week in NW Ontario

Mar 6, 2024

The 2024 Race Week will showcase the magic of a classic LOWISA experience, but LOWISA is not your typical sailing regatta. The event hosts a week-long sailing adventure where sailors can see a side of sailing beyond sport. LOWISA is where high-caliber racing meets passion, meets community.

Join Lake of the Woods International Sailing Association this summer as we celebrate the 58th annual LOWISA Race Week, a point-to-point sailing race that we consider the greatest freshwater sailing race on earth.

The Lake of the Woods International Sailing Association (LOWISA) offers a unique sailing experience, as boats of all sizes gather each year and race one another around just a few of the 14,000+ islands on Lake of the Woods.

This year LOWISA is looking to invite new participants to our event, accommodating trailer-able boats from the broader sailing community. Reach out to learn more:

Info at

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