Sail Canada WestJet Biz Portal

SinC Sail Canada WestJet Biz Portal

November 30, 2022

Sail Canada is pleased to add a benefit to its members, friends and supporters through Sail Canada’s WestJet Biz online portal, enabling the entire Canadian sailing community to earn rewards faster and enjoy discounts on their next flight reservations.

Once the Sail Canada community reaches $10,000 in flight bookings through the portal, all members of Sail Canada’s WestJet Biz portal will be able to take advantage of direct discounts by booking flights. The more the Canadian sailing community uses it, the sooner and better the discount will be! These can vary between 3% and 15% and are classified by booking level (Econo to BusinessFlex) for domestic, transborder and transatlantic flights.

I want to register!
To register for Sail Canada’s WestJet Biz portal:

  1. Please demonstrate your interest in joining this program by completing our form on the Sail Canada website at
  2. In early January 2023, Sail Canada will register you on the portal and WestJet Biz will send you an invitation to your email address inviting you to join the WestJet Biz Sail Canada portal.
  3. When you accept the invitation, you will have two options:
    a) if you already have a WestJet Rewards ID number
    b) if you do not have a WestJet Rewards ID number
  4. After accepting your invitation and completing your own WestJet Rewards ID number on the portal, you will have access to the reservations section at any time to view available flights, from which you can choose your own.
  5. Once the Canadian sailing community collectively reaches $10,000 in bookings, all members of Sail Canada’s WestJet Biz portal will have access to discounted prices for the year (January 1 toDecember 31).

Sail Canada is pleased to present this opportunity to members of its sailing community who travel as participation in this initiative offers a way to help reduce costs for everyone.


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