Kelley Poole Earns Top Spot in ILCA 7

Jan 31, 2024

Royal Victoria Yacht Club member, Kelley Poole, has accomplished a milestone in the ILCA class by winning a regional Grand Prix, specifically the ILCA 7 North American Grand Prix! A huge congratulations to this fine sailor who has been dutifully collecting points across North America over the 2023 season. Highlights are 3rd at Midwinters West, 5th at North Americans, and 9th at Canadians to name a few.

Kelley is an U21 sailor beating out many more seasoned sailors in this continental championship (optimal sailor weight is 180 pounds – Kelley is 150 at 20 years old). His dedication and pursuit of personal excellence is ongoing while he prepares for the 2024 season in the Moth, ILCA 7 and coaching the RVYC Opti Team.

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