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SinC Marc Robic New Boat Models

January 18, 2023

Serenity Now, the new creation, joins Marc’s Catalina 270 Aquaholic 3

In the winter, our contributor Marc Robic goes indoors but his love of sailboats continues undiminished. We published a two part story on the models he builds and gives away in 2022 – Part 1 and Part 2.

Now Marc has created another miniature beauty, is a Mirage 25, called Serenity Now, owned by a fellow Ile-Perrot Yacht Club member, David Pelletier. “Notice the name on the stern is exactly what the real boat has, like the Seinfeld TV show logo,” Marc points out.

With his models, charters and writing, one way or another Marc keeps sailing year-round!

Marc Robic’s boat building moves from the club to the workbench in the winter

SinC Marc Robic New Boat Models 2 400













The recently completed model, Serenity Now













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