May 27, 2021

Indie Marine is a Canadian family-owned business run by sailors and boaters.

Team O: Kate and WilliamKate and William show off their TeamO jackets at the King’s Cup, a major sailing event hosted by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in support of their charitable causes.

Its first featured product line is the TeamO Marine Inflatable PFDs from the UK, equipped with a potential life saving technology called BackTow. Currently TeamO Inflatable PFDs are the only products in the world that has this ground-breaking technology, and the primary reason why Indie Marine has brought them to the Canadian boating and sailing community.

Why BackTow is Important

Experience has shown that simply being tethered to a boat does not ensure you will survive a man overboard incident. All too many sailors have drowned at the ends of their tethers because they could not hold their faces clear of the water while being dragged by a boat. In fact many in the solo sailing community chose not to clip on at all, rather than risk being dragged by their tether when they are at sea without crew to help with a rescue.

Kika from Sailing UmaKika from Sailing Uma, a “cruising forever” sailor with Canadian partner Dan, has tested her jacket and recovery

The TeamO BackTow Inflatable PFD harness solves this problem through its patented BackTow technology, which when deployed transfers the anchor point of the harness from the front to the back. As a result, a MOB is pulled through the water back-first and face-up, making breathing possible.

Team O LifejacketsFind out more about our company its products at You can also find Canadian dealers that have Indie’s products in their stores starting from around $259.










This YouTube video demonstrates the technology.