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Best-in-class Speed Performance

Mar 6, 2024

AIRMAR’s DST810 Smart™ Multisensor (depth/speed/water temperature), featuring Gen2 paddlewheel, excels at low speeds, delivering an ultra-responsive start-up speed at only 0.3 knots. Speed-thru-water readings from the DST810 become linear at 0.6 knots, and as the boat accelerates, readings remain accurate, smooth, and steady due to a 5.7 Hz (5X per second) speed resolution. The DST810 also features an integrated attitude sensor for immediate feedback of heel and trim data.

DST810 combines these advanced data capabilities with a simple, reliable way to calibrate via Smart devices. All acquired data is delivered to the boat’s NMEA 2000® network, as well as sent via Bluetooth® to mobile devices with Airmar’s CAST™ app. With CAST, sailors can connect directly to the multisensor to easily calibrate basic, heel-compensated, and advanced speed-through-water corrections on their smart device, rather than through an OEM display.  The CAST™ app runs on iOS or Android devices and steps users through speed calibration at multiple heel angels and speeds using manual speed input or GPS SOG from the connected smart device. Once calibration and configuration changes are made, those changes are stored in the DST810 device itself and delivered to all OEM displays on the NMEA2000® network.

CAST also allows users to intuitively configure depth offset, output rates, enable/disable NMEA PGNs and more. 

The DST810 easily retrofits to most Airmar 2” housings, and its innovative, retractable housing design incorporates a self-closing valve for easy servicing.

DST810 Smart™ Multisensor with Gen2 Paddlewheel

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