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SinC Maine Cruising

May 3, 2023

Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park / Photo by Peter Roos, Flickr 

There’s good and bad news about planning a cruise in Maine. The good news is that there are over 1000 destinations and 3,500 miles of coastline from which to choose. The bad news is that there are so many choices that it may seem impossible to come up with an enjoyable cruise itinerary. Fortunately, this CCA guide offers simple and informed solutions.

The Cruising Club of America invites you to cruise the rugged coast of Maine with our well-informed members as your guides. View the guide HERE.

Most cruising guides list hundreds of places to visit. We simplify your planning by highlighting only the best harbors and anchorages while providing essential information and opinions.

Dozens of CCA members use their wide-ranging experiences to curate these lists. Facts are updated continuously throughout the year using local knowledge to keep this your most up-to-date resource. 

SinC Maine Cruising 2 400Sunrise at Great Beach, Roque Island / Photo by Dennis Sheehy, Flickr

Key Features: 1) Multiple Harbors – places with essential marine and provisioning services in each region. 2) Many Anchorages – more isolated places with scenic beauty and a sense of solitude. 3) Navionics chart for every location. 4) Local weather and wind forecast via 5) Local tide predictions thanks to US Harbors. 6) Detailed local information, including hiking options and other things to do.

From the guide’s editors:

While I have no facts to back this up, just observations over the past forty years or so, I would estimate that the number of Canadians cruising to Maine is at least equal to the number of us cruising to Canada. It’s an easy overnight from southern Nova Scotia to Mount Desert Island, or even a 40 mile day trip if one crosses further north.

Between Mount Desert Island and Penobscot Bay is the epicenter of coastal Maine cruising, and the Canadian ensign is often seen here during the prime months of July and August.


Tom Babbitt

Tom and his wife Jane are the editors of the CCA Cruising Guide to Maine

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