Without a Doubt “Shark Weather”

Ontario Shark Championships

Oct 18, 2023

By Roger Renaud

The Hal Ebert Memorial/SW Ontario Shark Championships were held Oct 14 – 15, in Sarnia, on Lake Huron. 17 boats participated.

Lake Huron did not disappoint. For the two days of this event, winds were strong out of the NE at 20+ knots, bringing with it, huge waves and strong currents. The waves had the length of the lake to build. Everything was funnelling toward the St Clair River, and the Shark regatta racecourse. One can only describe the conditions as perfect “Shark weather”. These boats love these conditions.

Cristopher Jay and crew aboard Ginja Ninja, from Sarnia YC, sail # 1057, won the regatta counting a 3, 2, 1, 1. Darcy Fuller and crew, sailing Cheers, sail # 1454, from the SouthPort Sailing Club, tied for first place scoring a 1, 1, 3, 2 for the four races in the series. The tie breaker goes to “who beat who in the last race.” Congratulations goes out to both teams for their finishes. And, it has to be said, a hearty congrats also has to go out to all the teams who endured these conditions for this 2-day regatta.

Many thanks go out to Kelly Boston who organized the on-the-water event, and who took over a hundred pictures, and,  to Lori Guggisberg who looked after everything on-shore. 

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