May 4, 2022

SinC SailGP Ramshaw Lewin Lafrance 400As Sailing in Canada announced last issue, the Canada SailGP sailors have been recruited - this is a first opportunity to get two members’ impressions of what they are about to tackle!

Sail Canada National Team Member and 2-time Olympian Tom Ramshaw and Canadian Sailing Development Squad member Georgia Lewin-LaFrance have been selected by Canada SailGP Team for its inaugural season which starts on May 14. “On Deck” conversation with both sailors.

Congratulations on your selection! What are your first thoughts following your nomination?
TOM: My first impression is how well run and professional SailGP is as a whole. The boats are an incredible work of technology, as well as the entire circuit and team being very well run. I’ve never seen sailing at this level.

GEORGIA: I feel excited and lucky to be part of this team – it’s the right time and place for me!

What are you looking to get out of this new opportunity?
TOM: I’m looking to expand my sailing skills into a more professional setting, as well as just enjoying being a part of a big team.

GEORGIA: I’m hoping to have fun, learn from a group of very talented sailors, and contribute to the team.

SinC SailGP Tom Georgia 400What do you expect to get out of this experience that you will be able to bring into your Olympic campaign?
TOM: You can take lessons and skills from any type of high-level sailing into an Olympic campaign. The first thing that comes to mind is how professionally SailGP and our team is run, so bringing some more of that into my laser sailing could be beneficial. I’m sure I’ll get a lot out of the sailing too.

GEORGIA: SailGP will prepare me for pressure situations in the 49erFX.

Will you be looking to take part in all nine SailGP events that are scheduled this year?
TOM: So far, I have all SailGP events in my schedule.

GEORGIA: I’m competing at events that align with my 49erFX schedule.

Will you still be taking part in the international Olympic class competitions this year?
TOM: I will do the World Championships, Europeans and North America Championships.

GEORGIA: Of course!

How will you be able to do both?
TOM: Some events fit in between SailGP events, and some don’t, so I’ll just do the ones that fit. Luckily, I can shape my Laser sailing schedule around the SailGP because it would never work the other way around.

GEORGIA: SailGP events happen around once per month, so it fits in really well with my FX schedule.

SinC SailGP Tom 400Tom, how did the preparation and the selection process go leading up to the announcement that was made Thursday?
TOM: It was a long process that dragged on a bit longer than I had hoped because of the COVID-19 cancellations, but it was fun to be with the other trial athletes and to get out sailing on the GC32. We all learned a lot and got along great.

Georgia, how did your sister and teammate in 49erFX, Antonia, react after you were given this opportunity?
GEORGIA: Antonia has supported me from the beginning. We both see the benefits this will bring to 49erFX sailing.

What are you most looking forward to at your first competition in Bermuda?
TOM: Just getting into the boat with the team and improving as a unit working together. I haven’t really been part of a team in a long time and that’s something I missed a lot doing single-handed Olympic sailing.

GEORGIA: I’m excited to get going and see our team in action for the first time!


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The European portion of SailGP Season 4 got underway this weekend in Saint-Tropez, France. Having hit record breaking speeds last year on the Côte d’Azur, Phil Robertson and the Canadians were looking forward to this weekend of racing, but things did not turn out as hoped. A penalty in the pre-start of race one was a precursor of what was to come, and it proved difficult for the team to recover.

A collision with Spain early on in race one set the team back and translated into eight penalty points for the event and an additional four penalty points for the season.