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SinC Sail Canada Aeroplan Points

September 20, 2023

With less than one year to the next Olympic Games, our Canadian Sailors are in pursuit to qualify the nation for space on the starting lines of the Paris 2024 Sailing Events. At this time, Canada is already celebrating Sarah Douglas’ exemplary efforts at the Sailing World Championships where she qualified a spot for Canada in the ILCA 6 class at the Paris Olympics! So much remains for our sailors to do at events and with their training.

We are all watching, and we all cheer them on, so now let’s help fill the sails of these great athletes! How? There are so many ways, one of which is with your very own Aeroplan points!

All Aeroplan points donated through Sail Canada’s page will help form Canada’s Olympic Sailing Team help them and get to Paris by supporting the inevitable expenses of air travel, car rentals, and accommodations – all of which are incurred by our campaigning team athletes and their coaches.

Join the sailing fans who have donated Aeroplan Points from Nova Scotia, Ontario and BC! Cardholders can get on board Canada’s Reach for Sailing Excellence – to help reach the GOAL of 150,000 Aeroplan points donated by the start of 2024! Every point donated helps fill the sails!

Donate today on Sail Canada’s Aeroplan point donation page:

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